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Two creatures, who long to be together, face an endless wall between them.

Two is a cooperative puzzle platformer, best played with two friends sharing a controller. It can also be played on keyboard or with a single person using both hands.

Player 1's controls:
• Directional buttons: D-pad / Left Stick / [W][A][S][D]
• Ability button: Left shoulder buttons / [Shift]
• Restart Level: Hold Select / Hold [R]

Player 2's controls:
• Directional buttons: Face buttons / Right Stick / [I][J][K][L]
• Ability button: Right shoulder buttons / [Spacebar]
• Hint: Hold Start / Hold [H]

Press [F] to toggle fullscreen.

Move with directional buttons. When available, hold the ability button and press a directional button once (or, eventually, twice) to use your ability.


Two_5-10-2018.zip 10 MB

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